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Whipple 4.5EFI with IC-2 Intercooler "Tuner Kit". TALL Deck BBC.

System includes: Manifold, intercooler, intercooler plate, intercooler core adapter fittings, blower, throttle body (no injectors), flame arrestor, bypass, cable throttle linkage, front pulley/belt systems.

Does not include: injectors, fuel system, computer, computer harness, senders/sensors, and intercooler plumbing.

Note: V-belt systems do not come with water cross-over, Serpentine comes with special cross-over. Kits can be ordered to fit the Mercury 500 Serpentine accessories and the Hardin Marine Serpentine Accessories.

V-belt systems are set up for use with water cross-overs, not water circulating pumps. Systems can be built to clear circulating pumps (must call and specify).

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Please call for all technical info and options. 250-381-5900

Whipple’s Superior Performance:
Want big top end speed, dramatically improved cruising speeds and ability to plane faster? How about not having to sacrifice reliability, durability and idle? What about ultimate bragging rights to owning one of the most incredible looking and technologically advanced marine? Well of course you do and Whipple has the supercharger system for you. Whipple Superchargers has many universal supercharger systems for the engine builders and do-it-yourselfers. Whether your running a FAST, Accel DFI, Holley, Autotronic or any other popular engine management system, the Whipple will work. With many different options, we can customize SC packages that have the capability of producing 300-1300HP, whatever your heart and engine desires.

Performance from the Whipple is simply incredible and to this day, impossible to duplicate. your engine will idle consistently, in and out of gear for easy operation, no huge blower surge, absorbent amounts of torque and huge power levels. This is due to the unique twin-screw SC design, the Whipple Charger can generate full boost at almost any rpm, just the touch of the throttle and you have instant power. Roll into the throttles and feel the g-forces push you back in your seat while the sound of an F-16 fighter jet comes too life. You’ll turn your once docile boat into a pure adrenaline rush while putting other boats in their place when they “try” to run by you.

Other skeptics say, “Well you can’t have low end torque and top-end horsepower!” Yet again, the facts differ, most don’t know that the screw compressor is one of the most efficient superchargers ever built. What does this mean? Massive torque levels that are simply unmatchable while simultaneously producing mind-boggling horsepower. No other supercharger in the world can offer this type of torque down low with the incredible top end horsepower. Who wants to wait for the power when you can have it instantly!

Whipple’s Superior Engineering:
The air-bypass system is a Whipple exclusive, it equalizes the pressure above and below the supercharger making it just like a stock engine. That’s not all, the bypass also lessen parasitic losses that are typical of all superchargers when cruising, this allows the motor to become far more efficient and get excellent fuel mileage during cruising states which is a major advantage for boaters going long distances.

Whipple also developed a true marine intercooler out of a space age material called cupronickel and used a patent technology to combine that with the incredibly efficient copper. These specially designed intercoolers will outperform aluminum intercoolers on any level, yet they will never corrode and have extra large water passages to protect against clogging while others will sacrifice this for extra cooling. These robust intercoolers are years ahead of anything on the market.

Whipple’s Superior Packaging:

Simple fitment is always a given when it comes to a Whipple SC system, but what is very unique and equally important, the look. Were talking about boats here! Why would you want a gizmo hanging from the side or some big carbs sticking out of the hatch? No reason to settle for an inefficient blower popping out of the hatch when you could have something that looks incredible and gives you superior performance. Whipple SC systems are well thought out and are made to fit in even the most non-applicable applications. Whether you want that show polished look or an OEM looking black finish, the Whipple system has again set the standards in the marine industry. Standard applications only need 2” front of your engine and for custom applications, no forward clearance is needed. Height? What height? The Whipple blower is lower than most stock carb engines. Ask your Whipple salesmen about custom applications.

System Components:

Systems come standard with a blower intake manifold, option of an intercooler, 10-rib serpentine SC belt system, triple v-belt accessory crank pulley (standard Mercury sizing), and standard hardware. Fuel injectors and fuel pumps are available separately. Engine management systems are not included and are not available through Whipple.

  • Huge horsepower and torque capabilities
  • Instant boost, no lag as does centrifugals
  • Flat torque curve across wide RPM range
  • Optional cupronickel intercooler for complete corrosion resistance
  • Capable of more torque than typical big blocks
  • Most efficient supercharger on the market
  • Easy to install without internal engine modifications
  • Supercharger has lowest noise level in industry
Major kit components are pre-assembled for easy installation


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