• 496Mag HO 425 5 PSI Polished (NON DTS)

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Item #: WHPWMK-5206P
Our Price: USD $8,070.25

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Quick Overview

Year: 01-08
Stock HP: 425
I/C: EFI Stage 1
Finish: Polished

Only 2.75” is needed in front of your engine and the SC is the same height as your factory engine cover, a perfect fit for almost all applications.


Whipple’s Superior Performance:
Want big top end speed, dramatically improved cruising speeds and ability to plane faster? How about not having to sacrifice reliability, durability and idle? What about ultimate bragging rights to owning one of the most incredible looking and technologically advanced marine engines? Sound too good to be true? Well its not, Whipple has the supercharger system for you. The Whipple SC System will give you all the torque and horsepower your heart desires. With 5lbs. of intercooled boost, your power will increase nearly 50%! Skeptics say, “what about idle?” With a modest 5-6lbs. of boost, your stock power will increase nearly 50%!

Whipple’s Superior Engineering:
Whipple Superchargers is the only licensed company to recalibrate the factory 496 PCM’s. Each Whipple SC System comes with a recalibrated stock ECU that has all the proper modifications to control idle, fuel, spark and most importantly, diagnostics such as knock control. Only Whipple can modify your stock 555 ECU to work with the supercharger. Most companies today just offer a “FMU” which is just a glorified way of not having much control. With today’s factory ECU’s gaining sophistication, “FMU’s” are simply unsafe and unpredictable in the marine environment.


Up to 50% horsepower increase
EXCLUSIVE reprogrammed ECM for complete engine management including fuel, spark and detonation protection
Instant boost, no lag as does centrifugals
Cupronickel intercooler core for complete corrosion resistance
Heavy duty intercooler design for increased durability and reliability
Throttle body injection creates liquid intercooling for even lower air temperatures, increased power and reliability
Ultra efficient W140ax (2.3 liter) Whipple Charger
Flat torque curve across wide RPM range
Completely self contained oiling system
Most efficient supercharger on the market
Easy to install without internal engine modifications
Supercharger has lowest noise level in industry
Black powder coating and anodized pieces
Major kit components are pre-assembled for easy install


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