• 8.3L EFI Blower "Tuner Kit" - MOAIC core - STD Deck (NO BELT SYSTEM)

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Item #: WHPWMK-8570
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Whipple 8.3EFI (510AX) Supercharger Kit with MOAIC Core. STD Deck BBC. (No belt system included).

All Whipple Intake Manifolds are rectangle port and may require port matching.

Systems do not come with water crossover. Lower 8mm adjustable idler plate is designed around SS tube crossovers.

Customer must specify accessory belt system and intake manifold/intercooler being used.

Please choose options below.

Does not include: Drive belt system, fuel systems, harness and computer systems, plumbing, etc.

Please call for all application specs! 661-295-7000


Are you ready to really make some power? Do you want to take your 800 horsepower engine to 1000 horsepower? How about your 1000hp motor going to 1200hp? If so, Whipples latest development will fit your needs. The all new 305 series superchargers will truly revolutionize supercharging as we know it. The massive twin screw superchargers not only offer incredible power levels, but also reliable and consistent power levels that are typically unheard of. Within a few hours, you can remove a standard roots supercharger, swap some of your components and pick up another 200 horsepower*.

The 305 series superchargers are so technologically advanced to the current roots-type superchargers that there is simply no comparison. The 305 blowers have a standard 671 bolt pattern so they can utilize any existing roots manifold or intercooler setup. The 305’s also utilize standard roots-type drive snouts for many different applications. Whipple offers the 305 in two versions, a radial version which utilizes a standard roots style inlet which accepts virtually all carb and EFI adapters. The other 305 is the axial entry (rear) which utilizes a custom, billet 3000 cfm capable throttle body.

The new W305 series superchargers pump 5.0 liters of air per revolution and have operating ranges up to 18,000rpm for pleasure boat applications and 22,000rpm for race applications. These new massive superchargers offer two different designs; one is a direct bolt-on replacement for 671-1471 style superchargers (top entry) while the other version is a sleeker, rear inlet compressor for tighter clearance applications. The new Whipple W305’s offer superior adiabatic and thermal efficiency for far greater power gains than any roots-type supercharger, yet they don’t need Teflon strips or constant rebuilding. In some cases, gains of nearly 30% can be achieved by simply using the twin-screw advantage!

The 305AX offers a unique billet throttle body that flows nearly 3000CFM, yet it offers progressive linkage for superior throttle control and idle qualities. The massive billet throttle body offers a built in flame arrestor, 10 injector bosses for either short or standard length fuel injectors, large -10AN common fuel rail and GM TPS sensor, dual inlet for remote mount IAC motors. Even with all these features, and all this potential, the 305AX with it’s billet throttle body on the back, is only a staggering low 9.5” tall! You couple that with one of Whipple’s low profile Whipple Cooler intake manifold and your only at a total height of 15.5”.

The revolutionary superchargers offer a standard 671 style drive snout system, an externally mounted air-bypass system for industry leading idle qualities and fuel economy, Teflon coated rotors for increased airflow, extreme duty roller bearings, precision cut helical gears, oil sight glass for easy inspection and a universal 671 style mounting flange.

Exclusive features:

Air bypass system for unique idle quality and increased fuel economy (vs. no bypass)
50-300hp* gain over traditional roots-type superchargers
Incredible power range, from 800-1600hp on gasoline
Massive billet throttle body with progressive linkage for increased drive-ability
Industry leading efficiency, over 95% VE
Universal fitment with existing 671-1471 intake manifolds and intercoolers
Universal fitment with existing 671-1471 carb adapters and mechanical injector hats (top entry)
Lowest noise level of any supercharger
Billet throttle body can hold up to 10 fuel injectors
GM TPS sensor and GM IAC compatibility for use with universal engine management systems
Built in flame arrestor
Optional 16-rib serpentine belt system for better pulley and belt selections
*Power gains vary depending on applications


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