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Item #: 9055-PR
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Our clamp-on silencers quiet harsh noises produced by high horsepower marine engines very well. The most exciting feature is that no power is lost in most installations which makes it an ideal marine racing muffler. The Clamp-on silencer is a compact and light weight version of our product. High power models are frequently used on 1200 horsepower supercharged engines.

Exhaust systems using through transom tailpipes that dump all the water into the exhaust stream at the very end of the pipe, such as Stellings and CMI, typically have noise reductions that are 3 db greater than the ratings shown.

Installation is straight forward: slide it onto the pipe and clamp it in place. All models accept an external rubber flaps for additional surge protection.

Fits 4" Pipe, 5.0" OD, 7.75" Aft of Pipe, Helical Vanes

Power Range Pipe Size Internal Flap Case
Ext aft
of Pipe
Item #
In-tube based 200-500hp 4.0" No 4.0 5.5" 8.8 db 9047-PR
HP500 375-525hp 4.0" No 5.0" 8.1" 11 db 9055-PR
500-662hp 4.0" No 5.5" 8.8" 9.1 db 9049-PR
500-662hp 4.5" No 5.5" 9.2" 10.4 db 9051-PR-S
500-662hp 5.0" No 5.5" 9.0 11db 9053-PR-S
High Power            
662-1075hp 4.0" No 5.5" 7.6" 6.8 db 9049-75
662-1075hp 4.5" No 5.5" 9.2" 9.3 db 9051-75-S
662-1075hp 5.0" No 5.5" 8.1" 9.0 db 9053-75-S


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