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AFR 325cc Rectangle Port "Magnum" BBC 24°

AFR's 325cc heads are designed feature partially CNC ported intake, exhaust and chambers, A356 aluminum castings and high quality components throughout. Recommended for more aggressive street, or street/strip builds with displacements up to 540 cubic inches, operating up to 6800 RPM. Also available with 100% CNC chambers for increased air flow (see chart).


1" longer head bolts needed on four bottom exhaust bolt holes.

AFR 325cc as cast BBC Aluminum Cylinder Head Flow Chart

325cc BBC Cylinder Head Flow Chart 

Included Components
Competition 5-angle valve job
50% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
20% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
30% CNC Ported Intake Ports
AFR #762611/32" Intake Valve, 2.300" x5.500" O.A.L
AFR #763111/32" Tulip Exhaust Valve, 1.880" x 5.450" O.A.L
AFR #8031PAC Racing Spring #1224 1.625 O.D. Solid Roller, 275lbs on seat, .850 Maximum Lift, Max RPM 7400-7600
AFR #8518Manley 10° Steel Retainers 1.500" O.D x 1.168" I.D x .844" I.D
AFR #900510° 11/32" Valve Locks with lashcap recess
AFR #6406ARP 7/16" Rocker Exhaust Studs
AFR #6407ARP 7/16" Rocker Intake Studs
AFR #6109Adjustable 3/8" Guide Plates
AFR #661111/32" Viton Valve Seals
AFR #8046Hardened Spring Cup 1.740" O.D / 1.650" I.D
AFR #9062Intake Valve Seats 2.450" O.D x 2.000" I.D x .375" Deep
AFR #9064Exhaust Valve Seats 2.000" O.D x 1.580" I.D x .375" Deep
AFR #904511/32" Intake Bronze Valve Guides .531" O.D x 2.10" O.A.L
AFR #904611/32" Exhaust Bronze Valve Guides .531" O.D x 2.25" O.A.L

Specifications & Features:
A356 AluminumMaterial
325ccIntake Port Volume
2.360"H x 1.685"W x 3/8 RadiusIntake Port Dimension
StockIntake Port Location
132ccExhaust Port Volume
1.720"H x 1.920" WExhaust Port Dimension
.375" RaisedExhaust Port Location
117ccCombustion Chamber Size(As Cast)
121ccCombustion Chamber Size(Full CNC)
Perimeter BoltValve Cover Bolt Pattern
24°/4° Int, 15°/4° ExhValve Angle
1.725" O.DValve Spring Pocket Diameter
1.750" O.DMax Valve Spring Pocket Machining
.750"Deck Thickness
4.250"Minimum Bore Diameter
.006" per cc/ Maximum 108cc As Cast or 114cc CNC ChamberFlat Mill
.009" per cc/Maximum 104cc As Cast or CNC ChamberAngle Mill
Note:Angle mills might require a .120" Thick intake gasket.
3.111 sq. in. Minimum Cross Sectional Area
14mm x .750" w/Gasket SeatSpark Plug Dimensions

Recommended Components:
AFR #6853 (.120" Thick)Intake Port Gasket
AFR #6855 (.060" Thick)Intake Port Gasket
Important: Do not port match your intake manifold to Fel-Pro gasket as it does not precisely fit AFR heads.
AFR #6858Exhaust Port Gasket
AFR #6849Head Gasket, Fel-Pro #1047 (Mark V and VI)
AFR #6850Head Gasket,, Fel-Pro #1017-1 (Mark IV)
AFR #6306Head Bolts, ARP 135-3703 (Mark IV)
AFR #6308Head Bolts, ARP 135-3707 (Mark V)
AFR #6307Head Studs, ARP 235-4713
AFR #6320Head Bolt Washers, Manley
AFR #6202Stud Girdle, (AFR Specific)
Victor JrSuggested Manifold
Super VictorSuggested Manifold
Autolite 3932Spark Plug Starting Range



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