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More About Arneson Surface Drives and Arneson-Bravo Conversions:

Arneson Industries offers a alternative to the Bravo™, the ASD6 Arneson Surface Drive™ Kit. With both right and left hand rotations, combined with our stand off box, Arneson Industries offer a real solution to costly Outdrive repairs and proven reliable performance.

Developed as an Arneson replacement for the *Bravo™ with our own standoff box that allows the engine to remain in the current location. Coupled with a Velvet Drive™ transmission, the Arneson Surface Drive™ couples to the standoff box that houses the transmission, enabling the balance (CG) to stay the same as well as maintain current engine room configuration. This also saves valuable engine room space saving the rear seat area for your use and eliminating any hatch modifications.

The Arneson Standoff Box covers the existing holes that are in the boat's transom from the Bravo™ or other outdrive. Removing the need to plug holes or cutouts. Simply mount the Arneson Standoff Box, which is predrilled and O-ringed for the ASD6 Drive Unit, and your drive installation is complete. Hydraulic thru-hull fittings are included pre-mounted in the standoff box.

The ASD6 Kit is ideal for new installations where by you want a reliable high performance outdrive on your new boat. Installation takes just a few short hours and requires the use of a drill, and a few hand tools.

The ASD6 Conversion Kit allows the use of an Arneson Surface Drive ASD6 Drive Unit in place of a conventional I/O Unit. The ASD6 Conversion Kit maintains the engines current I/O For/Aft location, maintaining the boats current engine CG placement.

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