• BBC 3.3 Quad Rotor Tall Deck Carb Stage 1

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Item #: WHPWMK-7528P
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Stage 1
Twin 3.3L Screw Superchargers
Standard Deck Intake
Large Cupronickel intercooler
Standard 12-rib serpentine Pulleys and Belt



The Whipple twin-screw supercharger is simply one of the easiest ways to generate big time horsepower and at the same time, have increased engine durability and reliability.

The Whipple Twin Screw Superchargers are one of the most efficient superchargers ever built which allows for incredible power levels to be achieved. No other package offers such technological advances, eye-popping aesthetic attributes and power capability.

The quad rotors technological advances don’t end there, our unique integrated intercooler manifold was designed to add no additional height

A massive integrated cupronickle intercooler manifold that offers superior cooling, 100% corrosion resistance and at the same time, adds no height to the package. The Quad Rotor comes standard with a 12-rib serpentine belt system with the triple vbelt accessories. For tight applications, you can run with a grooved harmonic balancer that allows the SC belt to run inside the accessories, a Whipple exclusive. That’s right, you can make up to 1600HP that fits under the hatch!!


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