High Performance Custom Marine Inc CMI Big Elbow Top Marine Headers:

West Coast Offshore carries all the CMI Big Elbow Top Marine Headers including Big Block Chevrolet Big Elbow Top Headers with 1 7/8" inside-diameter primary tubes, Big Block Chevrolet Big Tube Big Elbow Top Headers with 2 1/8" or 2 1/4" inside-diameter primary tubes, and Single or Double Stepped Big Tube Elbow Headers with 2 1/8" or 2 1/4" inside-diameter primary tubes.

More About CMI Big Elbow Top Headers:

CMI’s Big Elbow Top Race Header Systems are built specifically for sportsman-class racers needing the most performance from 510 cubic-inch carbureted engines or 600 cubic-inch blower package equipped engines. Performance racers from APBA, SBI, OSS, and USO competitions know that CMI Big Elbow Top Headers, also known as Big E-Top Headers, produce more raw horsepower and torque than any other marine headers the competition can offer. These CMI Big Elbow Top headers have the best track record regarding the finish line.

CMI Big Elbow Top Headers have a 15 1/2" length primary runner exhaust tube along with 4 1/2" inside diameter collector made to fit 4 1/2" inside diameter tailpipes. CMI also provides custom Big E-Top headers for high-horsepower stepped-system designs requiring larger diameter exhausts built to meet exact installation specifications.

Tailpipes sold separately.

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