High Performance Custom Marine Inc CMI Stainless Steel Marine Tailpipes:

West Coast Offshore carries all the CMI Stainless Steel Marine Tailpipes including CMI Sport Tube Header style Tailpipes, CMI E-Top Header style Tailpipes, CMI "S" style Tailpipes, and other Custom or Bravo style Tailpipes.

More About CMI Tailpipes:

CMI Tip-Style Tailpipes are the standard tailpipe for most exhaust setups when connecting to exiting transom tips. To ensure correct application and fit, transom-hole layout and header collector height are measured to determine whether CMI Tip-Style Tailpipes are required.

CMI recommends using Thru-Hull Tailpipes for applications that may pose a water-reversion risk. Water reversion occurs when tailpipe cooling pots are located too close to engine exhaust allowing cooling water to be drawn into the engine from the tailpipe, which can cause engine failure prematurely. CMI Thru-Hull Tailpipes minimize water-reversion potential, however, extreme applications complicated by engine position may have a high risk of water reversion and “completely dry tailpipes” will be required.

CMI Completely Dry Tailpipes divert all water that has entered the system into an external dump valve helping prevent water from flowing into the engine.

Custom Marine Inc includes both port and starboard pipes in their fully-polished exact-match CMI Tailpipe sets. CMI Tailpipe sets include all V-band clamps, gaskets, bolts, jumper hoses and hose clamps required for an installation.

All CMI Tailpipes have been designed to fit standard Mercruiser transmission and after-market Bravo Drive transmission applications.

Exhaust tips and rubber connecting hoses are not included.

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