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The Cool Swirl is designed to eliminate upper gear problems on Mercury Bravo, Imco, Teague, Max, Konrad and other out drives. Holding less than a quart of oil, the upper gear case of an out drive equipped with drive showers can still exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit with large high output engines.

Cool Swirl pulls the oil from the rear cap of the drive, through a through-hull transom fitting into an electric gerotor pump, which pushes the oil through a 12” water to oil cooler, then back to the top cap where it enters the drive at 50 psi, cooling the gears and 4 different bearings by 100 degrees. The Cool Swirl system adds approximately 1.5 quarts of oil to your system with no effect on the drive reservoir bottle.

The Nextel Cup Nascar rear ends run a similar system, one that utilizes an air to oil cooler. Turning 9200 RPM for an average of 500 miles, the gears show little wear. Actual tests run on the Cool Swirl will detail the results.

The Cool Swirl is cheap insurance against the likelihood of drive failure under extreme conditions and staggeringly high repair costs. An optional drive temperature gauge is available for sale for those who would like to see the difference with their own eyes.

Test Date: August 15, 2005

Test conducted by: “Doc”Holliday Racing, 410 N. Helena Street, Spokane, WA 99203, 509-220-9493

Air Temperature: 90 degrees

Water Temperature: 75 degrees

Boat: 27’ Advantage Victory

Engine: Blown 540 ci 1200 HP

Drive: Imco SC with water-cooled top cap

Without the Cool Swirl at 5500 RPM, the drive oil temperature ran between 280 and 290 degrees. With the Cool Swirl engaged, the drive oil temperature plummeted down to between 170 and 180 degrees, a full 100 degree drop!


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