Chevrolet Small Block Kodiak Marine Engines:

WestCoastOffshore carries all the Chevy Small Block Kodiak Marine Engines including Chevrolet 5.7L Vortec V8 Fresh-Water Cooled Kodiak Marine Engines, EPA Certified Chevrolet 5.7L Vortec V8 Fresh-Water Cooled Kodiak Marine Engines, Chevrolet 5.3L VVT DI (L83) V8 Fresh-Water Cooled Kodiak Marine Engines, and EPA Certified Chevrolet 5.3L VVT DI (L83) V8 Fresh-Water Cooled Kodiak Marine Engines.

More About Chevrolet Small Block Kodiak Marine Engines:

All Kodiak marine engines come standard with a closed cooling system. Kodiak engines use the GM Marine Engine Fuel Injection (MEFI) engine control module (ECM). The MEFI ECM brings automotive reliability, low emissions and fuel savings to the marine sport engine. The MEFI ECM allows the use of electronic throttles and advanced user features. Smart start means the starter will not engage a running engine. Mechanical, electronic or CAN pedal control is available. Electronic or CAN based gauges are compatible.

Kodiak engines are calibrated on a dyno then test ran in the lakes and rivers of the northwest in cold water, warm water and at altitude. After we are satisfied, each calibration is then emissions tested here in house. Kodiak engines are custom calibrated for jetpump and out drive boats. We can also make custom changes to calibration parameters such as idle speed and shift interrupt to meet your needs.

All KODIAK Marine Engines come standard with Closed Loop cooling. Heat exchanger equipped cooling system provides real benefit to the boat owner / operator.

  • Engine and exhaust manifold are protected from freezing and corrosion by coolant
  • Closed cooling keeps debris like sand, gravel and plant mater out of engine and exhaust manifold, increasing component life and engine reliability
  • Constant exhaust manifold temperature improves engine efficiency and emissions
  • Lower risk of freeze damage and reduced parts damage if freeze damage occurs
  • Temperature controlled exhaust manifolds do not cause the cylinder head/valve damaging condensation after shutdown like non temperature controlled or raw water cooled exhaust can create
  • Reduced maintenance effort—with less parts exposed to raw water the system draining and flushing is simplified
  • Electronic throttle provides precise idle and instant throttle response
  • Water cooled cast aluminum exhaust manifold reduces radiated heat to nearby components
  • Riser outlet is hard anodized providing better corrosion protection than iron manifolds


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