Corsa Marine Exhaust Captain's Call Diverter:

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More About Corsa Marine Exhaust Captain's Call Diverter:

When properly configured, the Captains Call Plus can meet most noise laws within the 50 states on any Stock 502 EFI or smaller production motor. This system incorporates a diverter that allows the captain to change from an aggressive thru-hull mode to a quieter thru-prop mode with a simple helm mounted on/off switch.

This control allows for a bolder sound that is suited for the open water, or the operator can switch to a thru-prop for quiet entry to marinas and boat docks. When exiting through the transom, the exhaust passes through silencer tips that reduce the sound levels to an acceptable level. As RPMs increase, more exhaust is forced through the Y-pipe, allowing optimum flow and noise reduction. This system tames some of the loudest motors without sacrificing any performance.


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