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Item #: 306425
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Engineered To Provide A Solution For A Digital Electronic CD Ignition That Would Work Flawlessly w/ FAST™ EFI Components


This E6 Digital CD Ignition Box features multiple spark functionality, meaning the engine will fire multiple sparks per cylinder while the engine is below 3000 RPM. The multiple-spark feature provides a more complete burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber, resulting in a smoother running engine and better fuel economy. The FAST™ E6 Digital CD Ignition Box is electronic fuel injection friendly and specifically designed to work with FAST™ XFI, XFI Sportsman™, EZ-EFI® and EZ-EFI 2.0®. The engineers at FAST™ also designed the E6 Digital Ignition box to be fully compatible with all carbureted applications.


  • Features multiple-spark technology for more complete burning of fuel in combustion chamber

  • Multiple-spark function results in smoother running engine & increased fuel economy

  • Engineered to support all FAST™ EFI systems & all carbureted applications

  • Approved for use at NHRA events

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