High Performance Industrial Series Livorsi Gauges:

West Coast Offshore carries all the Industrial Series Marine/Boat Livorsi Gauges including Industrial Series Livorsi Tachometers, Industrial Series Livorsi Speedometers, and other Industrial Series Livorsi Marine Electric/Mechanical Gauges.

More About Industrial/SAE Livorsi Gauges:

Livorsi Marine's basic line of gauges is the Industrial Series SAE-Style rimmed Livorsi Gauge with plug-in (Deutsch) connectors. This Industrial Series of Livorsi Gauges range from 2" to 3-3/8" that you can inter-mix to create your own custom dash style.

Livorsi Gauges are now even more easily installed than ever before!  The plug-in feature of these instruments drastically decreases installation time needed. The Deutsch Connector Harness plug-in connectors resist salt corrosion and are waterproof.  Every Livorsi gauge is enclosed in 100% non-ferrous hardware.  These gauges feature red state-of-the-art L.E.D. backlights for viewing ease during low light conditions. 

Industrial Series Livorsi Gauges are only available in Standard sizes.

Create the look you desire with the gauges you require!

Required Deutsch Connector Harnesses (DCH) connectors are sold separately, except for “kits” which they are included with.

Industrial Livorsi Gauge Highlights:

  • Plug-in connectors are waterproof and resist salt corrosion
  • Gauges are encased in non ferrous hardware
  • Red LED back light comes standard, for easy viewing in low light conditions
  • Other colors available for back light, extra fees apply
  • SAE rim in your choice Black, White or Polished Stainless Steel
  • Powdercoated pointers are fade resistant
  • Available in 12 or 24 volt system

Standard sizes:

  • 3 3/8" & 2 1/16"

Industrial Livorsi Gauge Info:

Industrial Livorsi Gauge Color Choices:

Livorsi Industrial Gauge Color Choices

Industrial Livorsi Gauge Rim Style:

Livorsi Industrial Gauge Rim Style Choices

Industrial Livorsi Gauge Backlight Color Choices:

Livorsi Industrial Gauge Dial Backlight Color Choices

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Livorsi Industrial Tachometer & Speedometers

High Performance Livorsi Marine Industrial Series Tachometer & Speedometers:

West Coast Offshore carries all the Livorsi Industrial Series Boat Tachometer & Speedometers.
Livorsi Industrial Electrical & Mechanical Gauges

High Performance Livorsi Marine Industrial Series Electrical & Mechanical Gauges:

West Coast Offshore carries all the Livorsi Industrial Series Boat Electrical & Mechanical Gauges including Oil Pressure Gauges, Transmission Temperature Gauges, Water Temperature Gauges, Water Pressure Gauges, and Boost Gauges.

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