High Performance Livorsi Marine Vantage View Slave Gauges:

West Coast Offshore carries all the Livorsi Vantage View Series Boat Slave Gauges including Speedometer Slave Gauges, Boost Slave Gauges, Fuel Level Slave Gauges, Oil Level Slave Gauges, Oil Pressure Slave Gauges, Oil Temperature Slave Gauges, Trim Drive Slave Gauges, Volts Slave Gauges, Water Pressure Slave Gauges, Water Temperature, and Pod Assemblies.

More About Livorsi Marine Vantage View Gauges:

Picture a dash that gives you total view of your boat’s performance. Livorsi Marine’s Vantage View Gauge Series does exactly that.

Vantage View gauges display performance information in real-time and combine the data into one gauge - the master tachometer. Vantage View tachometers feature analog RPM readout along with all the information your engine’s ECM provides displayed on a built-in LCD screen.

Simple installation is achieved with the use of a Deutsch connector plug-in harness. The master tachometer and its master harness wire directly to the boat’s ECM which eliminates the need for a translation box or oversized harness.

Livorsi Vantage View gauges give you a thorough view of your boats performance, the freedom to custom design your boat’s console with several color options, plus easy stress-free installation!
Vantage View Gauges are compatible with SmartCraft, NMEA 2000, J1939 or GM MEFI engines.

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