Marine Headers:

Marine Headers product category at including Chevrolet Rewarder Headers, Ford Rewarder Headers, Chrysler Rewarder Headers, Stainless Steel Chevrolet Lightning Headers, Freshwater Chevrolet Lightning Headers, Freshwater Ford Lightning Headers, Chevrolet CMI Headers, Ford CMI Headers, Mercury Marine CMI Headers, and CMI Tailpipes.

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CMI Marine Headers & Tailpipes

High Performance Custom Marine Inc CMI Headers & Tailpipes:

West Coast Offshore carries all the CMI Headers & Tailpipe Systems including CMI Big Tube Headers, CMI Big Elbow Top Race Headers, CMI Sport Tube Headers, CMI 496 Sport Tube Performance Headers, CMI Elbow Top (E-Top) Headers, CMI 496 Elbow Top (E-Top) Headers, CMI 520 Headers, CMI Gen-X Headers, CMI Evo-X Headers, and CMI Small Block Headers.

Lightning Marine Headers

High Performance Lightning Marine Headers:

Lightning Marine Headers product category at WestCoastOffshore including Chevrolet Big Block Freshwater Lightning Headers, Chevrolet Small Block Freshwater Lightning Headers, Chevrolet LS Freshwater Lightning Headers, Chevrolet 496 Freshwater Lightning Headers, Ford Big Block 460 Freshwater Lightning Headers, Saltwater Chevrolet Big Block Stainless Steel Lightning Headers and Saltwater Chevrolet Small Block Chevrolet Lightning Headers.


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