• Merlin III Block, Billet Splayed Caps 10.2" Deck 4.490" Bore

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Merlin III Bare Block
Deck Height: 10.200"
Bore: 4.490"
Material: High density cast iron
Deck thickness: .600" minimum
Maximum recommended bore: 4.625"
Crank clearance: 4.750" stroke crank without clearance
Deck height: 10.200"
Main caps: Splayed steel billet main caps

Quick Overview

Prior to the availability of aftermarket blocks, performance enthusiasts were faced with the dilemma of scouring junkyards looking for 4-bolt main blocks or trying to fit 2-bolt blocks with aftermarket cap kits. Now you have a choice between standard 4-bolt main blocks with nodular iron caps and splayed billet caps. Rest assured that the 4-bolt setup will provide excellent reliability for most applications. For the serious performance enthusiast, the splayed billet setup is preferred for several key reasons. The illustration below shows a cross-section of a block casting, and the relationship between bolt holes and themeat" of the block. As you can see, the splayed bolts have a much betteranchor" due to available material thickness. The multi-directional clamping of the splayed bolts also helps improve bottom-end durability.


Material: High Density Cast Iron
Deck Height: Standard 9.800"
Deck Thickness: .600" minimum
Cam Bearings: Standard Chevrolet
Main Bearings: Standard Chevrolet
Camshaft Location: Stock
Lifter Bores: Indexed (stock .8437" bore)
Bore: 4.240 (hone to 4.250") or 4.490 (hone to 4.500")
Maximum Bore: 4.625"
Cylinder Wall Thickness: .250" at 4.600" bore
Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling
Lubrication: Priority main oiling system
Filtration: Integral mount for spin-on filter
Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width)
Crank Clearance: 4.375" stroke
Main Caps: 4-bolts splayed, nodular iron or billet steel
Fuel Pump: OEM mount
Starter: OEM mount
Motor Mounts: Dual (front and side)
Cylinder Head Holes: Blind tapped to prevent leaks
Weight: Approximately 270 lbs.

Compatible with all Mark IV components

All Merlin III Blocks need finish machine work to complete.

Remember: TCM offers complete machine service and block preparation

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