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PST Thread Sealant 20oz


Loctite 56707 Thread Sealant 567 PST High Temperature - 6 Ml Tube(.20oz)

  • Capacity Vol.: 6 mL (.20fl. oz)
  • Packing Type: Tube
  • Color: White
  • Pressure: 10000.00 psi [Max]

When two metallic surfaces are pressed against each other the initial interaction and the mating points are the asperities or high points found on each surface. An asperity may penetrate the opposing surface if there is a converging contact and relative movement. The contact between the surfaces, initiates friction or plastic deformation and induces pressure and energy in a small area or volume called the contact zone.

The elevation in pressure increases the energy density and heat level within the deformed volume. This leads to greater adhesion between the surfaces which initiate material transfer, galling build-up, lump growth and creation of protrusions above the original surface. In other words if you don't use thread sealant on your stainless steel nuts and bolts they are going to Gall up and will never come apart or go together. solution would be torch, hacksaw or grinder.


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