High Performance Power Tech Volvo Penta Duoprop Marine Propellers:

West Coast Offshore carries all the Power Tech Volvo Penta Duoprop Marine Propellers.

More About Power Tech Volvo Penta Duoprop Propellers:

Volvo Penta introduced their patented Duoprop in 1982 - it was the biggest boating event since the invention of propellers.

Twin Counter-Rotating, or Contra-Rotating, propellers bite hard producing thrust that's unparalleled by any other propeller. Along with true straight tracking - even while reversing - Duoprops also give a boost to plane-acceleration. Because the lateral forces presented by conventional single-propeller sterndrives are eliminated by the counter rotation of the twin propellers, the engine's power and energy is conceantrated on moving the boat forward or backwards rather than to the side!

Benefits of PowerTech Volvo Penta Duoprop Propellers:

  • Straight Tracking: PowerTech Duoprops track straight - look over the transom of any Duoprop equipped boat and the evidence of a cleaner and unhindered power delivery will be noticable in the wake.
  • Faster Acceleration: PowerTech Duoprops provide up to 30% quicker acceleration and can produce up to 5% higher top speeds when compared to any conventional single propeller, while not increasing fual consumption. With a partial load, gains of 10-12% can actually be expected for fuel consumption.
  • Increased Handling: Extra grip is plainly evident whether rounding buoys, docking in a crowded marina, or cruising at high speeds - even when making sharp turns. PowerTech Duoprops also decrease a boats' tendency to roll.
  • Lower Vibration and Noise: PowerTech Volvo Penta Duoprops' counter-rotating blades distribute shock pulses and vibrations evenly over more blades which produces much less noise, traveling vibrations, and propeller cavitation than standard propellers.
  • Faster Planing: Better bite in the water from the PowerTech Duoprop gets the boat onto the plane faster, and keeps it there at lower revs.

PowerTech Duoprops are direct OEM replacements for Volvo Penta Duoprop propellers and therefore use OEM equivelant geometries. Aluminum PowerTech Duoprop Propellers are available for diesel engines up to D41.

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