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Cast bosses for injectors
Available in dual or single top
Runners are precision cast and ported to assure proper air flow
Available in 9.8 & 10.2 deck heights

The Pro-Filer Spreadport HITMAN Series of intake manifolds have transformed the market forever. The HITMAN Series features a Tunnel Ram with your choice of dual or single carb top plate and the ULTIMATE Single Plane.

Each manifold is designed to take your power curve to higher levels without costly hand porting. They are truly revolutionary! Our tunnel ram design is lighter weight than most fabricated units and the solid cast design helps to reduce resonance, which effects high RPM horsepower.

The cast, pre-ported runners have been designed to eliminate airflow restriction and produce more power. The dimensional consistency is far better than fabrication. Also fits other brands of spread port heads (18°, 14°, 12°).

Available in 9.8 and 10.2 deck heights with either a single or dual carb top plate. 



Series P/N: 187 Series Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold Specifications

Material: Aerospace Specification, Aluminum Alloy (Primary Ingot)
Runner Location: Fits majority of BBC Spread Port Cylinder Heads, Regardless of Valve Angle
Port Dimensions: 2.36" High x 1.68" Wide, Corner Radius: .625" (Measurements from Port Opening at Intake Flange)
Port Configuration: Oval Port
Overall Height: Dual Carb (9.8 deck) - 9.5", Single Carb Top (9.8 deck) - 9.5", for 10.2 Deck add .100"
Deck Height: 9.8" & 10.2"
Engine Size Recommendation: 565 + cid

Which one is better? Tunnel Ram or Tunnel Ram?

It depends on where you want your power at. We recently compared our Pro-Filer PN 187 Tunnel Ram (Single carb) VS our new HITMAN PN 187 Tunnel Ram intake and found the following differences in torque and horsepower.

The Pro-Filer Horsepower and Torque Advantage

The new HITMAN BBC SIngle plane intake cranks out the power! Check out the difference between our Pro-Filer P/N 187 As-Cast Manifold VS a leading competitors Fully Ported Manifold.


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