High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Carburetors:

Quick Fuel Technology Carburetors including Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors, Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carburetors, Quick Fuel Forced Induction Carburetors, Quick Fuel Drag Race Carburetors, Quick Fuel Street Carburetors, Quick Fuel E85/Methanol Carburetors, and Quick Fuel Custom Carburetors.

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Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Marine Carburetors:

  • Exclusive Black Diamond coating for enhanced corrosion protection and appearance, 
    coating provides a 6% reduction in fuel temperature
  • Electric choke - Fully adjustable, one wire hookup
  • J tubes to prevent spillage
  • PTFE-coated throttle shafts with PTFE bearing ribbons and stainless steel plates
  • Built-in sight glass windows for easy float adjustment
  • Changeable primary idle feed and power valve channel restrictions, 
    plus changeable idle air and high speed bleeds
  • QuickLink™ secondary adjustment for fast and easy changing of opening rates
  • Available in eight different sizes from 350-1,050 cfm


Quick Fuel Black Diamond Series Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Black Diamond Series Carburetors:

Even a carburetor that performs great can still be an eyesore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Quick Fuel Technology’s proprietary Black Diamond® coating offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as a durable finish that easily stands up to dirt and oil. In addition to great looks, the PTFE coating reduces fuel temperature by six percent for improved performance. Best of all, the Black Diamond® coating is available on a large variety of carbs ranging from QFT’s entry-level Slayers Series all the way up to the flagship QFX-Series.

Quick Fuel Forced Induction Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Forced Induction Carburetors:

Bolting on a centrifugal supercharger or a turbocharger is easier than ever, but what if spending several thousands of dollars converting to EFI isn’t in the budget? QFT™ has come up with the perfect solution by adapting our popular SS- and Q-Series carbs specifically for blow-thru forced induction applications. While the secondaries are jetted for maximum power, the primary side jetting is calibrated similar to a naturally aspirated engine to improve responsiveness off boost. Annular boosters extend the rpm range, and the choke has been removed to improve clearance when used with aftermarket carb hats. To prevent pressurized fuel from leaking past the throttle-shafts when the throttle shuts abruptly, channels machined into the throttle body direct fuel back into the intake manifold.

Quick Fuel Drag Race Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Drag Race Carburetors:

  • Race style aluminum main body with upgraded downleg race boosters
  • Screw-In airbleeds that have been recessed and moved out of the air way for less restriction
  • 5-Emulsion billet metering blocks with screw-in bleeds for every circuit - fully adjustable
  • Lightweight aluminum fuel bowls with internal baffles, raised roof, re-designed fuel entry orifice 
    and built-in sight windows
  • 4-corner idle
  • Billet throttle body with roller-bearing sealed shafts that have been slabbed for added air flow, 
    stainless steel throttle plates, and secondary adjustable cam bracket. Each throttle body is 
    machined for both 4150 or 4500 style manifolds.


Quick Fuel Street Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Street Carburetors:

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum components
  • Changeable idle and high-speed air bleeds
  • Vacuum & mechanical secondary models
  • 2-circuit metering – 4-Corner idle system
  • Downleg boosters
  • Universal throttle lever design fits Ford A/T Kickdown, 
    700-R4 mounting holes – accepts brackets for Chrysler vehicles.


Quick Fuel Circle Track Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Circle Track Carburetors:

  • High-flow aluminum main body with centered venturi for improved performance and better air/fuel distribution
  • Black anodized billet 2-Circuit metering block and throttle body
  • Throttle body incorporates roller bearing seals which provide smoother operation, 
    less wear on shaft, and longer life
  • Anti-siphon check valve in main body to reduce pump pull-over
  • Changeable emulsion bleeds and power valve channel restrictions for better tuning capabilities
  • Dual inlet fuel bowl with #8AN fittings
  • Dual sight glass windows for easy float adjustment
  • Single wedge circle track float
  • Exclusive Black Diamond® coating for enhanced corrosion protection and appearance. 
    Provides a 6% reduction in fuel temperature.


Quick Fuel E85 and Methanol Fuel Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology E85 and Methanol Fuel Carburetors:

SS-Series - Ultimate Street/Strip Carb With A Choke For E85 & Methanol

Q-Series - Race 4150 Style Carb For E85 & Methanol

QFX-Series - Race 4500 Style Carb For E85 & Methanol

XP-Series - Circle Track 2BBLs For E85 & Methanol

Quick Fuel Custom Carburetors

High Performance Quick Fuel Technology Custom Carburetors:

Concours quality classic carb restoration by Quick Fuel Technology® is the perfect way to finish off a restored engine compartment. The restoration process is meticulous and includes complete disassembly, cleaning, plating and re-coloring of all components. No matter what you’re running, QFT™ can restore any classic carburetor to factory specifications and appearance regardless of application. Quick Fuel also can provide custom calibrations for street, application-specific race, marine, and off-road carburetors.

  • Re-Colored Main Bodies & Fuel Bowls
  • Re-Plated Levers, Brackets & Hardware
  • Totally Rebuilt & Recondition To Factory Specs
  • Concours-Quality Appearance
  • Fully Adjusted – Ready-To-Run
  • Requires Your Core For Reconditioning
  • You Retain Your “Numbers-Matching” Carburetor

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