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Designed for BIG Horsepower, BIG Cubic Inch Hardcore Street or Race GM LS Engines

Big engines make big power, but often cylinder heads don’t provide the necessary flow characteristics for large power plants. RHS® Pro Elite™ Big Port LS7 Cylinder Heads solve this problem. They are the only raised runner aftermarket LS7 heads with the runner volume to support large cubic inch applications, yet are still able to utilize both production and aftermarket intake manifolds and valve trains. Intake ports are raised .220" from the stock location for a straight line of sight to the cylinder. The heads feature a .750" thick deck surface and reinforced rocker rails, which make them perfect for high horsepower and boosted applications. They work well with all existing LS7 parts but have bigger intake ports and valves than the standard RHS® Pro Elite™ LS7 Cylinder Heads. They feature the popular 6-bolt design, making them compatible with the RHS® LS Race Block, GM LSX block and OEM GM LS blocks. These aluminum, CNC-ported heads feature a 307cc intake runner, 98cc exhaust runner and 69cc chamber volume. The intake valve is 2.250" x 5/16", while the exhaust valve is 1.615" x 8mm. RHS® Pro Elite™ Big Port LS7 Cylinder Heads are designed for larger cubic inch, all-out race engines but are also ideal for 454-502c.i. LS street engines.

Includes (1) bare 355-T6 aluminum CNC cylinder head

CNC-machined intake & exhaust runners as well as combustion chambers

Intake ports raised .220" from stock location for strait line of sight into the cylinders

.750" thick deck & reinforced rocker rails make heads ideal for high HP & boosted applications

6 head-bolt design works with RHS® LS Race Block & GM LSX Block as well as standard 4-bolt LS blocks

6 bolt heads offer superior clamping capacity over standard 4-bolt; Excellent for high boost applications

Bigger intake ports & valves over standard Pro Elite™ LS7 Cylinder Heads

Set-up for 2.250" intake & 1.615" exhaust valves

Utilizes OEM or aftermarket LS7 valve train


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