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More About Stainless Steel Latham Hydraulic Steering Clevis Joint Bars TBAR-4560:

CLEVIS JOINT BARS are available with four sizes of clevis joints in solid or tubular bars. Special bolt kits MUST be used with clevis joints.


ALL MULTIPLE DRIVE INSTALLATIONS require one or more tie bars to keep the drives parallel and equalize loading. Boats running 65 mph or more with multiple sterndrives should use an external tie bar assembly; either in addition to an internal tie bar or by itself, if used in conjunction with Latham external steering. Using only an external clevis bar will allow the driver greater latitude for independent trimming and tilting without damage to tie bar or drive components. The same principles apply to outboards with front and rear tie bars.

LATHAM MARINE INC. TIE BARS are constructed from 316 stainless steel and satin finished for maximum corrosion resistance. Solid bars are used up to 36" long. And tubular construction is utilized for longer bars.


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