Small Block Chevy RHS Heads:

Pro Action Small Block Chevy Aluminum RHS Heads are the perfect choice for a variety of performance engines, including street rod, muscle car, oval track and drag racing applications. These heads deliver significant gains in both power and torque for all Small Block Chevrolet applications - right out of the box. RHS also offers a 23˚ Pro Elite aluminum head for Small Block Chevy applications that is CNC-ported from the factory for precision accuracy and durability. The CNC-ported 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust runners optimize volume, atomization and velocity, while the 69cc combustion chambers are CNC-ported to relieve valve shrouding.

More About Small Block Chevy RHS Heads:

Pro Action RHS Heads:

Pro Action Cylinder Heads, the cornerstone of the RHS Heads line, are ideal for a variety of performance functions, including hot rods, drag racing, oval track racing and marine applications. These heads deliver more features, higher flow characteristics and better finish quality than other competitive brands.

  • Available w/ A Wide Variety Of Runner & Chamber Sizes
  • Enhanced Features, Innovative Designs & Superior Quality Outperform The Competition

Applications: Hardcore Street, Race & Powerboat Engines

Pro Elite RHS Heads:

The RHS Pro Elite series of CNC-ported cylinder heads is designed for racers who want the absolute maximum engine performance. Utilizing innovative design features, modern engineering methods and precision CNC-machining, Pro Elite Cylinder Heads are second-to-none.

  • Innovative Aluminum Design w/ Race-Inspired Features
  • Deliver Maximum Airflow For Remarkable Performance Gains

Applications: Extreme Performance & Race Engines

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