High Performance Standard Livorsi Controls, Throttles & Shifters:

Standard Livorsi Controls, Throttles & Shifters are a cost effective solution to upgrading your throttles and controls. Standard Livorsi Controls are built to the same exacting specifications as billet Livorsi controls.

More about Standard Livorsi Controls, Throttles, & Shifters.

Standard Livorsi Controls are strong and lightweight Marine Controls for throttles, shifters, jet drives, and reverse buckets. Livorsi Standard Controls are available in three throttle/shift configurations - Fully Mechanical, Fully Electric, or Mechanical/Electric Hybrid.

Standard Livorsi Controls use 33C or 44C cables for mechanical levers, direct driven angular sensors for electric levers, micro switches for electronic transmission shifting, plus additional single or double in-handle switches for actuating drives, tabs, jack plates, etc. They also have a shorter base depth at 8.125" for fully mechanical or hybrid units, and 6.5" for fully electric units. Standard Livorsi Controls may have their friction and detent adjusted while already installed.

Standard Livorsi Controls, Throttles, and Shifters feature color-customizable ergonomic knobs for lengthy hours of operation in comfort, a color-customizable flat or contoured base-plate, and Straight or Bent shafts.

Standard Livorsi Controls Info:

Standard  Livorsi Controls Knob and Base-Plate Color Choices:

Billet Livorsi Controls Knob and Base-Plate Color Choices

Standard Livorsi Controls Optional Base-Plate Carbon Fiber Choices:

Billet Livorsi Controls Optional Base-Plate Carbon Fiber Choices

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