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Item #: 409-200000
Our Price: USD $19.95


Tame that torque! Bob's TORQUE TAMER will straighten out the high-speed steering pull that today's high-pitched propellers produce when running at high transom settings.

The paddle-wheel flow produced by the submerged part of such a propeller when much of the top half is out of the water swings your motor sideways (to starboard for right-hand drives) harder the faster you go.

If stock steering tabs have been reset in an attempt to compensate at high speeds - which they can't do - they will tend to swing the motor oppositely at lower speeds.

Bob's TORQUE TAMER redirects high-speed flow so you don't have to fight it to steer where you want to go, and the stock tabs are readily trimmed at your lowest transom setting to keep you straight as intended at low speeds. Install it easily at only a modest cost. You'll enjoy balanced steering without any speed loss, and you'll save your arms and temper in the bargain!

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