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Internal Hose Kit  


External Hydraulic steering systems are a safety must for all high performance boats. The external ram lessens the load on the sterndrive gimbal housing by evenly distributing engine torque through the ram which is attached to the transom. Typically boats without an external hydraulic ram type steering system are depending on a small tiller arm that runs through the gimbal and is attached to the drive. It is hard to believe but the entire steering force depends on one 3/8” bolt to steer your boat, if that bolt fails, your boat will typically hook to the left or the right possibly ejecting the occupants overboard.

Add-on systems are an affordable and effective way to add hydraulic steering and improve the safety of your boat. These systems are designed to work with the stock cable and power steering systems internal of the transom while converting your steering to external hydraulic outside the transom. The hydraulic ram ties into the existing power steering in your boat through a valve included in hose kit Part #1002256 which is also required to complete the system.

Zeiger has been manufacturing steering systems "behind the scenes" for many years and is now in the forefront as one of the most prominent steering manufacturers in the industry. Today their steering systems and accessories are found on many of todays high performance offshore boats as original equipment.

Zeiger’s stainless steel rams have the thickest cylinder walls in the industry and feature a superior brass piston and wiper assembly. All Zeiger steering systems come complete with all the necessary hoses, fittings and components for a trouble free installation. When ordering, please specify whether the power steering valve in your boat is a Brazil valve or a Saginaw valve.

Don't be fooled by our competitor's low prices on Zeiger Hydraulic Steering Kits. 

Low prices may tempt you to buy, but keep in mind that WestCoastOffshore's pricing for Zeiger Hydraulic Steering Kits include high quality Aeroquip lines and fittings in their dash and hose kits while other stores may be using lower quality Non-Zeiger offshore parts to complete their kits.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin


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