Zeiger Marine Hydraulic Steering Systems:

Zeiger Marine Hydraulic Steering Systems product category at WestCoastOffshore including Zeiger Single Bravo Hydraulic Steering Systems, Zeiger Dual Bravo Hydraulic Steering Systems, Zeiger Tripler/Quad Bravo Hydraulic Steering Systems, Zeiger Speedmaster Hydraulic Steering Systems, Zeiger TRS Drive Kits, and Zeiger Hydraulic Steering Hose Kits.

More About Zeiger Marine Hydraulic Steering Systems:

High horsepower, high speed boating is evolving and steering systems must perform at maximum capacity in this day and age. Zeiger industry’s marine hydraulic steering systems are designed to provide an extra margin of safety... Zeiger marine hydraulic steering systems easily handle the high performance needs of today’s stern drive engines and in-board applications.

System selection and Installation are simplified with just three major components: the steering helm, the steering cylinder and steering hose kit. We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic steering cylinders to meet the current needs of today’s high performance stern drives. At Zeiger Industries we are totally committed to safety, quality, performance and simplicity.

There are two versions of Marine Hydraulic Steering systems; add on marine hydraulic steering (also known as partial hydraulic steering) and full hydraulic marine steering, The add on hydraulic steering ties into the existing power steering system on the boat but still uses a cable that runs from the dash/helm to the steering tiller on the transom assembly of the boat. The problem with this (along with stock steering) is that you are depending on one 3/8” bolt to steer your boat. The add-on hydraulic steering helps immensely by adding steering ram(s) to the transom of your boat relieving the stress on that bolt. The full hydraulic marine steering system is completely hydraulic from the transom to the helm/dash and no longer relies on the steering cable and 3/8” bolt on the steering tiller to steer your boat. This is a must on boats running in excess of 70 MPH.

Hydraulic steering is a safety must for high speed, high horsepower single or mutli engine applications and/or boats with unusual handling characteristics. It is virtually impossible to give a specific recommendation as to when external power steering should be used, as this varies from boat design to boat design.  

Generally speaking, it is recommended to use external hydraulic steering on boats which run in excess of 70 mph. However, there are many boats which run 60 mph that would benefit greatly from the use of external power steering also. Because of the many variables involved the final decisions as to whether or not external power steering is installed from the factory rests with the boat manufacturer and must be made after a thorough test and evaluation of each specific boat (unfortunately cost is also a factor for the boat manufacturer). If there is any question whether or not external power steering is necessary, MerCruiser always recommends that it be installed for ultimate safety.

Don't be fooled by our competitor's low prices on Zeiger Hydraulic Steering Kits. 

Low prices may tempt you to buy, but keep in mind that WestCoastOffshore's pricing for Zeiger Hydraulic Steering Kits include high quality Aeroquip lines and fittings in their dash and hose kits while other stores may be using lower quality Non-Zeiger offshore parts to complete their kits.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

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